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Employee Education

Argos Financial Group works with employers to create and deliver custom education strategies that focus on three primary objectives:

  • Increasing awareness of the plan
  • Educating employees on how to plan for retirement, access account information and online retirement planning resources
  • Improving retirement readiness of the group and individual employees
    • Increase participation
    • Increase deferral rates
    • Aligning employee time horizons and risk tolerance with portfolios

Education content can be delivered in group meetings, individual meetings, web and multi-media formats depending on your organization's unique needs. Typically education is provided on-site and semi-annually. Each organization is unique and Argos will tailor a strategy that fits you and your employees needs.

Additionally, Argos can assist in delivering financial wellness programs. Recent studies show that employees who are not worried about their financial futures are more productive and satisfied employees. Financial wellness programs can become part of the overall retirement education curriculum and typically address some of these common topics:

  • Elements of Financial Planning
  • Investment Basics
  • Retirement Planning
  • Budgeting & Debt Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Risk Planning
  • Family Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Helping Aging Parents

Employee Education Strategy is a formal service agreement that outlines what content will be delivered to employees, in what format and how often. The strategy is an agenda item in the plan level review meetings and results are analyzed to guage success and influence future education strategy.   Content is tailored for different age, gender and financial literacy demographics and will be based upon your unique employee profile.

Argos is uniquely positioned to efficiently educate employees at any size company.  We provide one of the largest, licensed education teams to meet your employees education needs.